The Lords of the Fallen Sequel Announced at gamescom 2022

A sequel for the 2014 game, Lords of the Fallen has been announced at gamescom 2022 titled "The Lords of the Fallen."

porkChop277d ago

It was announced many years ago as Lords of the Fallen 2. I'm guessing it went through some pretty drastic changes in development for it to take this long and get a name change.

RaidenBlack277d ago

Lords of the Fallen 2 just became The Lords of the Fallen.
the defacto seque-boot.

staticall276d ago

Hope they wouldn't call the third installement «The Lords of the Fallen, the»

moriarty1889277d ago

Nice to finally see something on this game.

Abnor_Mal277d ago

The first game was good, I look forward to seeing how this game progresses.

leahcim277d ago

My GOD!!!
LOVED the first one,
now It came back with "mother" from Danzig....I am completely sold

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