Q&A: Liz Buckley On Majesco's New Mass Appeal

North American publisher Majesco has certainly seen its share of ups and downs in recent years, including a largely failed attempt to publish high-budget console games such as Advent Rising and Psychonauts, a move that resulted in much lower revenues than predicted.

Following this, the company announced a shift in strategy away from premium titles, instead focusing on budget and handheld releases, as well as more recent news regarding the company's plans to support Nintendo's Wii platform as well.

The move seems to, at least in the short run, worked out well for the company, with Majesco's most recent fourth quarter earnings reflecting rising sales and drastically reduced losses thanks to titles like the multiplatform Jaws Unleashed and Cooking Mama for the Nintendo DS.

Recently, Gamasutra was able to speak with Majesco's Liz Buckley regarding the company and its plans going forward. As the senior product manager, Buckley oversees all areas of Majesco's catalog of releases, from getting a game on the shelf and raising awareness for it, as well as marketing, public relations, packaging, and cross promotions as well.

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