Ubisoft planning to produce three new IPs every three years

Ubisoft's vice president of publishing, Jay Cohen, has told that the company is planning to focus heavily on new IP as a means to secure its position in the market.

Speaking in an interview conducted at the DICE Summit last week, Cohen described new IP as the "cornerstone" of Ubisoft's strategy, adding, "In fact, I think we're at three new IPs every three years? That?s sort of our target."

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eclipsegryph4901d ago

"You can't take Rayman away from me, or Red Steel, Assassin's away from us. And we think that's what it's going to take to continue to succeed..."

Ubisoft deserves their own theme song. It would probably sound something like...

Take my game, take my brand
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, 'cause it's IP
You can't take Rayman from me...

And I think I should stop right there. ^_^

nawlins4901d ago

I don't mean to sound like a newb but I've heard this term thrown around a lot. What does IP stand for?

Grown Folks Talk4901d ago

intellectual property for $600 alex. independent program. interesting proposition. intense pleasure. illogical policy. irrelevant people. internet propaganda. go with the first answer.

Rasputin20114901d ago

Untill the previous post I had no idea what IP was standing for.

Lucidmantra4901d ago (Edited 4901d ago )

Intellectual property is a game with a new "story" about it, to include major characters, the land masses and names of places. It can be as big as Warcraft or as simple as Need for Speed. Examples of IPs and their owners are; Warcraft as a whole is an IP owned by Blizzard, Need for Speed owned by EA, The Elder Scrolls is owned by Bethesda, Animal Crossing is owned by Nintendo, etc. etc. When a company says it is developing a new IP it basically means we are going to write a new game world for you to play in but they are usually similar to other stuff or follow a template like a FPS, racing game, RTS etc. etc. So to sum it up IP=World and Story.

gogators4901d ago

but I would agree that ubisoft is in need of some newer intellectual property. I hope they actuall try for something origianl and not buy into some IP that has yet to penetrate into the gaming market. I could see them trying something like Sealab 2021 MMO and claiming that this would be original.