Saints Row (2022) Xbox One Gameplay Is Rough

If you're thinking to get Saints Row on Xbox One... watch this first.

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Christopher282d ago

Am I missing something? It looks like pretty normal Xbox One gameplay from a third-party developer to me. Didn't notice anything major in the 5m I watched of it that said "don't go Xbox One because it's broken" or anything of the sort.

Sgt_Slaughter281d ago

It looks okay on its own for the hardware it is on, but it seems like there's some stuttering going on as well as some pop in/out. Not to mention the weak reflections and muddy textures (IMO). Definitely feels like it was given to a B or C Team to work on and didn't have proper optimizations to get more out of the system.

luckytrouble281d ago

If you check out some of the better reviews, pop in, really janky shadows, bonkers bad AI behavior, and video settings that just tank the quality beyond reason are par for the course in this game. Of course day one patches and such are sure to fix some of the most egregious issues, but those that have really dug into and tested the game have had one heck of a buggy experience even on ridiculously good PC hardware.

Orchard281d ago

What am I even supposed to be looking at here? It looks totally fine & playable?

FlameBaitGod280d ago

A better description would be "empty and soulless"

Orchard280d ago

But that's not even specific to the XB1 version. This game is empty, lackluster and buggy on every platform.

FlameBaitGod280d ago

Not saying its an xbox prob, saying the game in general.

DrDoomer281d ago

xbox one? This shit looks like xbox 1.

PS-Gamer-1986280d ago

The Graphics are the only thing i can accept with this game. Everything else seems to be a huge letdown.

Elda281d ago

I bought it for the PS5. 2hrs in & so far the game is fun.

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