Microsoft-Activision Acquisition Gets First Regulatory Authority Approval in Saudi Arabia

Microsoft's legal department has been hard at work across the globe working on their acquisition of Activison Blizzard. The first domino in the acquisition has fallen...

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Yang_kai104d ago

(Insert money hat joke here )🤣
Congrats to Microsoft one Down a few others to go 🫰🏾

DarXyde103d ago

I mean it's not hard to get things passed in Saudi Arabia (basic human rights withstanding).

Sorry, I'm being cheeky. I don't care about the acquisition so much as I have a deep loathing of the Saudi government.

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BrainSyphoned104d ago

I'm sure the Saudi's whole heartedly endorse M$ working on AI to suppress online interactions. Glad to see the best supporting the best right away.


Looking forward to not having to buy CoD anymore. Let’s get this deal done.

EvertonFC104d ago

Did you not get value for money with you`re other CoD purchases? or is it the same rinse and repeat formula is OK now its free ?


I’m not sure how that’s relevant. I’ve bought every CoD because I enjoy some of them and my son also enjoys them. Now I won’t need to spend $60-70 once the deal goes through because I buy GamePass yearly. So again I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at here with your question.

SurgicalMenace104d ago

Another FREEloader celebrating not actively contributing again. This is while those contributing are excited to pay to experience the best games available in the industry. Greatness comes at a cost not a bargain.🤷🏾‍♂️

MadLad104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Call it what you will lol.
Gamepass is a great service for CONSUMERS.

I couldn't imagine shilling and protecting billion dollar multinational companies. Actually begging to give them more money when I didn't have to, and considering it this really amazing thing I'm doing.

Stunning. Brave.

SurgicalMenace103d ago

Yeah, like the ones most of the people in this community work for, right? How about you quit your job and get a job with a small business since you're so concerned about not supporting, protecting, or shilling for a billion dollar company. Be sure to get rid of your car, home, phone, medicine, etc too so that theres no danger of you becoming a hypocrite. The delusion is real.

Is it such a stretch that there are some of us who actually invest in other ventures outside of ourselves? There are some of us who live a different lifestyle that doesn't limit us to have to depend on "proconsumer" options to enjoy life. I'll continue to support Porsche, Jaguar, BMW, Movado, Rolex, Indian, and the like in spite of their apparent "anticonsumer" practices.

Just because something's not conveniently priced to your liking doesn't mean it's anticonsumer, it just means it's marketed to a different demographic of people. I guess every person living well is deemed evil to you, huh? In any case, just because full retail bothers some, it's a nominal cost to others.

JCM42103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

@SurgicalMenace sheepish much? you're exactly what's wrong with this fucked up society.... Ontop of that Gamepass and other streaming services are PAID for.

Consider that microsoft pays the studios upfront for license, if anyone takes a hit, it is Microsoft and not the developer.

When and if you ever grow a consciousness look up "loss leader", it is a very typical strategy to attract customers.

If millions of people are paying the monthly fee's, it attracts customers to other products and also DLC whom otherwise wouldn't spend that much because they'd have less reason to browse the store...

THINK before you type...


Your reading comprehension is horrible. Have you ever sat in a classroom in your entire life?

SurgicalMenace103d ago

Not a sheep or otherwise, just a company owner/business consultant who knows what it takes to do well out here. As stated above, you guys conveniently pick and choose which companies to demonize while supporting several that cater to your luxury.

"Loss Leaders" has never been proven to maintain sustainable growth; very temporary solution. Sam Walton was the best at it and we all see where his family is today. You can try to convince yourself that you're against these companies all you want but when you look around you'll be quickly reminded just how foolish your claimed stance is. Most of you just don't like that gaming is beginning to price according to demand, which is a very smart business practice. MS doesn't have any demand so they HAVE to use strategies like loss leaders to remain relevant in this industry. Do some actual company research across the board before typing.

SurgicalMenace103d ago

Reading comprehension? Classrooms? I'm never here complaining about pricing or otherwise; perhaps change your curriculum and drop the class because complaining is a practice of dependants and losers. Winners meet the demands thrust upon them by their peers, colleagues, or the economy. A little something I learned along the way.🤷🏾‍♂️

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darthv72104d ago

Just you watch. It will come down to Chuck Norris being the deciding thumbs up... like in the movie Dodgeball.

darthv72104d ago

either people dont get the reference or they hate Chuck Norris. I figure it's the former as nobody could hate Chuck Norris.

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