This is really cool: Emulating the Xbox 360 on Steam Deck

If you're a Steam Deck owner, you'll be happy to know that the console can run some Xbox 360 games thanks to Xenia.

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MadLad167d ago

Emulation is the only real form of game preservation.

JCM42165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

whomever is downvoting you is a complete retard...

guys wake up... emulation isn't about piracy, it's about preservation, like a museum.

look up projects like TOSEC and MAME, you can find games from the early Atari and Amiga era, if it wasn't for those projects, those precious historical gaming gems would be lost for all generations, present and future.

Look beyond what's in front of your nose to see the big picture!

167d ago
skyrimer167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

It's incredible that you can carry around a device that's actually capable of emulating PS3, Xbox 360 and Switch, while playing PC games like Spider-man, Cyberpunk, RDR2, etc. Valve have really outdone themselves.

cluclap166d ago

Xenia and rpcs3 is a little too hit it miss to fully add that to the list. The only game I've been able to run hiccup free that I have tested on steam is lollipop chainsaw on rpcs3. Xenia runs on windows so you would have to install that first.

JCM42165d ago

Fix the title: Portable PC emulates to what amount to a PC...