Don't sleep on: Ghost of Tsushima Legends

Sony is doubling down on multiplayer development with several titles reportedly in the works. Prep yourself with a primer on one of the best ones going. Don’t sleep on: Ghost of Tsushima Legends.

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LiViNgLeGaCY163d ago

Absolutely! One of my very favorite mp experiences last/current gen!

P_Bomb163d ago

Few enemies bring the dread like that guy that shoots crows at you! I’ve seen him melt many a team.

LiViNgLeGaCY163d ago

As have I, man. I hate those guys. Lol.

P_Bomb162d ago

Have you tried any cursed items yet? Some of them really chop block you. I have one where my health constantly drains. I’ll save that for a bronze, lol.

LiViNgLeGaCY162d ago

I have a couple cursed items, yeah. I don't quite remember the stigma, however. Definitely going to be a bronze run for those, though.