Dead Island 2 Screenshots, Release Date and Details Leaked On Amazon

It appears that we might have our first look at Dead Island 2 soon as the pre-order for the game has gone live for various platforms on Amazon.

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RaidenBlack174d ago

Seems like a Gamescom reveal is in the cards.

Old McGroin174d ago

I'm interested but after the absolute car wreck that was the launch of the first game I'll be waiting a little bit first.

Yui_Suzumiya174d ago

After 8 years since it's reveal, I honestly never thought this was going to see the light of day at this point. I'm definitely intrigued.

Lightning Mr Bubbles174d ago

It's disappointing that there's no current gen version, only last gen. If this was a JRPG or something, I could see that. But how serious can I take this as a AAA game when it's only for last gen consoles? Plus, I don't really like the new box art, I preferred the the original one they had.

Sgt_Slaughter174d ago

This is the current day Duke Nukem Forever at this point.

I think this game restarted three times and changed developers two or three times. I didn't even realize it left Sumo Digital when they had delayed it repeatedly (same time they had Crackdown 3 and Team SONIC Racing delayed too).

attilayavuzer174d ago

I think Beyond Good and Evil 2 holds that title right now

ocelot07174d ago

I just realised I have had this pre ordered on Amazon for 8 years 🤣

Gridknac174d ago

I see its only listed as last gen, surely they would not be stupid enough to release this in 2023 and not have X/S and PS5 versions.

Fishy Fingers174d ago

PS5 and X/S pre-orders were also up on amazon.

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The story is too old to be commented.