Nintendo Of America's Testers Say They Faced Years Of Sexual Harassment

Female game testers at Nintendo had 'frat house' experiences within a gaming company known for its wholesome image

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autobotdan102d ago

Horror story of young women working at Nintendo of America..

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Hofstaderman102d ago

Well one of their most established characters is named Princess Peach. Just saying.

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BrainSyphoned102d ago

They posted lude memes in a non-work chat group about pokemon and genshin. I know how you roll Kotaku, don't pretend your group feeds aren't way more scary.

CDbiggen101d ago

It doesn't sound that bad, they should have thicker skin.

RaiderNation101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Agreed. These women need to get over themselves. I'm so tired of these people crying wolf every time somebody looks at them cross-eyed.

Si-Fly101d ago

Let me guess, Murica? 🙈

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