Playing Left 4 Dead Using Guitar Hero Drum Set

Ryan Rigney of explores what it's like to play Left 4 Dead using a rather irregular control method. Hint: it doesn't work out so good, but at least it's possible to run!

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HighDefinition4297d ago

But why would you want to?

Buy another flippin controller if it`s gotten to that for you.

RKRigney4297d ago

It's not because you HAVE to, it's because you CAN.

HighDefinition4297d ago

You CAN also walk your @ss to the store and get another controller.

RKRigney4297d ago

Cars are usually a better option?

Max Power4297d ago

you don't have to walk, but you can!

Masta_fro4297d ago

would if i could but i cant so i wont...

OuterHaven4297d ago

ya walking is healthy + high gas prices and cars kill the nature

Bnet3434297d ago

HighDefinition is totally missing the point.

N4360G4297d ago

The point of the video is to show you that you can play Left 4 Dead using the Guitar Hero drum set.But yeah,buy a second controller if you haven't already LOL.

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zonetrooper54297d ago

I lol'd at how retarded that really is but its pretty cool.

MicroFud4297d ago

And im suppose to listen to these people about the games they think are good? LOL NO!

Eiffel4297d ago

supposed to?

Whose forcing the retarded to listen?

Dawn_Of_Ashes4297d ago

wow... that huh... well ... weird???

NaiNaiNai4297d ago

heck you cant eve play, at least show a video like i dont know
DDR pads and playing VF or tekken, now thats fun, ive done it i had two DDR pads and would play virtual fighter with them. its alot of fun and one heck of a work out.

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