Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Immortality, Tinykin, Immortals Fenyx Rising, and More

From Xbox Wire: "My favorite part about announcing games coming soon to Xbox Game Pass is that feeling where you know you’re about to make someone’s day. Sharing ‘coming soon’ details about a new game they’ve been excited about (you can catch me playing Immortality on launch day), one they’ve never heard of that might become their new favorite, or a beloved classic they get to play again. We’ve got all of these and more for you coming soon to Game Pass (and maybe some more surprises later this week) so let’s jump in!"

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sparky77286d ago

Oh wow this is a crazy drop, after the last drop this more than makes up for it. That Immortality game got a rare 10/10 from Edge so can't wait to try that.

The best deal in gaming continues to deliver.

Eonjay286d ago

Not sure about some of these titles but Immortals Fenyx Rising is a great get. And we should expect to see this kind of cometition between GamePass and PSPlus which as everyone mentioned is good for the subscriber. But on a real note, I don't understand how we are supposed to play all of these games. My back log now has a back log. I am overwhelmed. I was already stuck with my regular backlog. Does anyone hear have both GamePass and PSPlus? How do you even deal? That like 1000 games.

Petebloodyonion286d ago

@ Eonjay
"Does anyone hear have both GamePass and PSPlus? How do you even deal? That like 1000 games."

I have both and the simple answer is you can't so what's the benefit you may ask?
1 - Having access to a shared library with other friends that have the same library so we can easily find a coop game
2 - I can easily check some smaller game that I wouldn't have considered (12 minutes comes to mind) and discover some gems.
3 - it allows me to stop with the FOMO of buying good games at discount ( that are currently in my backlog) but will never play because I'm currently playing the newest... or my favorite game of the moment
Here's a bunch of games that I bought (phsysical) on Ps4/Ps5 and never played (- Nioh, Kingdom Hart 3, Nier automata, Death Stranding, Spider Man Miles Morales (ps5), Ratchet and Clank(ps5), Iron Man, Rick and Mortys
I have a similar list for PC, Xbox and Nintendo

Fun fact I joined Gamepass on Black Friday and was amazed that for 2$ I was allowed to play 80$ of games that I was about to pay in Steam sales the same day.

mkis007286d ago

Why do you guys buy games you dont want to play? I always boot up a game i buy within 24 hrs. And if I am busy with another game I wait because I know the price will drop.

EvertonFC286d ago

1/8 and you are saying "wow this is a crazy drop" you being sarcastic?

EmperorDalek286d ago

Immortals Fenyx Rising was great too. Don't know much about the others, but it looks like a good drop for sure.

sparky77286d ago

I only mentioned Immortality since it's lesser known game in the list and was well received from Edge of all places. The rest are already well known titles. So no I was not being sarcastic, this is indeed a crazy drop.

Channel-Live285d ago

Sony fanboys downvoted your comment because you're excited to play a game. Can you believe this immaturity and fayboyism

neutralgamer1992286d ago

These are good offerings hopefully more people give fenyx a chance because that's a really good game a lot of fun. I would go as far as to say it's the best game you'll be soft has made over the past 10 years

MadLad286d ago

And just bought Immortals Fenyx Rising lol
Ah well. Got a good deal and all the dlc, so

John_McClane286d ago

I almost bought it a couple sales ago but got Far Cry 6 instead, if I like it I'll be be buying the dlc though.

MadLad286d ago

It's definitely worth playing.
Very good game.

monkey602286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Whoop! Midnight Fight looks so damn good!

I'm also very keen to try Tinykin

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