Guitar Hero: Metallica Trailer Revealed

Metallica's Official Website reports a brand new trailer of Guitar Hero: Metallica.
Watch it after the jump.

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George Sears4653d ago (Edited 4653d ago )

So is this one going to be guitar only? I have GH3 and I was thinking about getting World Tour, but if this one comes out with yet again, a new exclusive drum, guitar (probably an ESP) and what not then I would wait to get this one instead.

I hope that they can give you an option to play as them in there prime. (Young and with metal hair!)

Maxned4653d ago

Nothing beats rock n roll from the 60's and 70's. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, CCR.
I like Metallica too though. I think they are some pretty good song writers. I also like their cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Tuesday's Gone. Its different but good. Speaking of Tuesday's gone, its in the game, so its definitely worth a rent at least

outlawlife4653d ago

is sin't guitar only but it is guitar focused, you can play drums, vocal etc. but the msot fun/challenging will be the guitars

chasuk084653d ago (Edited 4653d ago )

Yeh i can see how its guitar focused, lars ulrich is such a basic drummer. Would be no fun playing his stuff on expert. Too easy. Ill be getting it anyway though :)

big shadow4653d ago

I'm getting this for sure. Metallica is my favorite band

TheColbertinator4653d ago

Hopefully they wont dump the crap new songs in the game.GH:Aerosmith had the best potential for a soundtrack but it was squandered on some of their lamest songs.

George Sears4653d ago

These are a few from the complete list. There pretty good but I hope that they don't add Load, Reload and St Anger songs! Keep it The Black album and below please!

TheColbertinator4653d ago

Nice find,Solidus.You were the misunderstood hero of the MGS series.

Glad to see Mastodon and The Sword there

George Sears4653d ago

Why thank you Colbert.

I liked your Christmas special btw. =P

chasuk084653d ago

I hope they include St.Anger, not the album, just the song lol

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Rice4653d ago

Ive been waiting for this for so long.. woo hoo!

360roxorz4653d ago

WOw, yet another 360 exclusive!! Too bad you ps3 droids wont be getting this amazing expansion while i will be rocking out to Metallica songs exclusively on the 360!! hahaha

Xlll4653d ago

it isn't and exclusive retard.

360roxorz4653d ago

I believe you are the retard here.

How hard is it to use proper grammer?

Xlll4653d ago

how hard is it to read? | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360 | Wii | PlayStation 2
Have a nice day.

thereapersson4653d ago (Edited 4653d ago )


It's spelled "grammAr", not "grammEr". Then again, you wouldn't know irony if it slapped you in your fanboy face.

DNAgent4653d ago (Edited 4653d ago )

1st it's not exclusive
2nd you spelled "grammar" wrong

Besides, why would someone care about Metallica these days? I remember when they didn't use to be a bunch of crybabies.

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