Paradox Infuriates Players By Doubling The Price Of Crusader Kings 3 DLC

The developer behind Crusader Kings 3, Paradox, recently doubled the price of its downloadable content, attracting a considerable amount of ire in the process. The decision affects all future flavor packs in addition to the two previously released flavor packs, Northern Lords and Fate of Iberia. The company has become infamous over the years for its controversial policies concerning downloadable content.

Paradox has come under even more fire by recommending that players purchase the already released downloadable content before the price increase comes into effect. While the company claims to be simply keeping up with inflation, the community has been thrown into turmoil over the matter.

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TheColbertinator165d ago

Glad I bought all their content on cdkeys for massive discounts

DeusFever164d ago

Glad I bought none of their content.

1nsomniac165d ago

Yea this is a scummy move, how do you really justify increasing costs for old software/content that has already been developed and distributed!?

Inverno165d ago

Why would something already released, and no longer requiring money and development time need to have a price increase? How would that combat inflation after already spending the money, and most likely recouped it?

monkey602165d ago

Games like Crusader Kings have a niche enough following. There's no mass appeal there, so they should be very careful how they treat their fanbase,
It will likely bite them in the ass.

lcslick165d ago

Ha, don't worry, the base price of the game won't increase they say. Well they already increased the base game price a few months ago. I was going to eventually get this once the DLC fleshed it out a bit more like CK2. But now I'm either not going to bother or I'll pirate it. One of the two.

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