Stardew Valley mod lets you make your villagers gender-neutral

A new Stardew Valley mod lets you make the villagers in the farming RPG gender-neutral, with options for gender and race to help diversify your experience

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Jin_Sakai174d ago

Or you could just play the game the way it was meant to be played with the appropriate characters.

Eonjay174d ago

I'm a man. If someone else with a penis wants to dress up as a woman, it doesn't hurt me. It doesn't pressure me to follow suit. It doesn't make me feel hurt or violated or threatened. I just don't care. I don't even care that I don't care. What I do care about is people trying to mind control me into feeling hurt, or threatened or violated about things that aren't any danger to myself. Anyone who wants you to be paranoid about other people's personal-non dangerous-desires is not your friend or has been made paranoid themselves. So to answer your question: sure you can do that too. You can play the chararacters however you want because I don't give an eff and I invite you to not give an eff either!

MadLad174d ago

At this point it's about everyone seemingly making a spectacle of themselves for either being, or openly celebrating, the idea of being not a cis white male/female.

You made a mod that's inclusive. Cool. Is all you did was allow male sprites to wear female clothes and vice-versa. Not that impressive or interesting.

sinspirit174d ago

Well, making it so that people can assign whatever gender to ones that have already chosen theirs per the writers intentions is definitely giving an eff.

garryxcs174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

This has nothing to do with "paranoia", that's a disingenuous cop-out. An argument could easily be made that the "brainwashing" comes from the people who try to convince others that his kind of this is ok and we should all just accept it. You're entitled to your opinion but so is Jin_Sakai.

Eonjay174d ago


Clearly it is paranoia. I said to Jin: 'So to answer your question: sure you can do that too. You can play the chararacters however you want'. So basically I ackownledged that he was entitled to his one choice just a the mod creator is. But because I didn't condemn the person who made this mod, you are unable to see that I basically agreed with your bottom line. Thats how I know its paranoia. The real problem is when you said 'brainwashing people into thinking this sort of thing is ok'. Um you still don't understand. Its ok for it not to be okay for you. And its okay for it to be okay with someone else. You don't have to do or become everything you see or hear. Thats the paranoia. Why is it so hard for people to understand this? It is disingenuous and paranoid to act like you lose your ability to be yourself because someone else is being themselves and it makes all people look weaker than we really are.

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BrainSyphoned174d ago

Well there better be a nude mod for the gender neutral mod so I can confirm the pixels aren't offending me.

Auron174d ago

Quit eating and drinking from plastics..

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