Squirrel with a Gun is a game about exactly what it sounds like

"It is not easy, but it's fun, to be a squirrel with a gun."

RaidenBlack676d ago

Some indie game ideas are just too awesome and silly at the same time.

Mobis-New-Nest675d ago

Take notes Naughty Dog, Rock Star, Blizzard, Bungie, 343, Square-Enix, Activision, EA, Bioware, Infinityward, Sega, Capcom and Insomniac. That's how you make a great game very fun for everyone.

Mr_Luke676d ago

I didn't know i needed a game like this. And i want it now. :D

masterfox675d ago

man I bet this game cost like 30-40 million dollars to develop like everyone is saying today, developing games today are getting too expensive...........,....,.... ............................... ..haha a squirrel with a gun laughs in your face!!!

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Squirrel With a Gun - Official Release Date Trailer | IGN Live 2024

Take the role of the neighborhood's most obnoxious rodent, throw in a pinch of crime and mayhem in a pursuit of golden acorns in this nutty sandbox shooter and puzzle platformer. Squirrel with a Gun is coming to Epic Games Store and Steam on August 29, 2024 and coming to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 (PS5) in Fall 2024.

Knightofelemia12d ago

Looks interesting and fun but cheesy at the same time I might just grab this lol.

Venoxn4g12d ago

Will keep my eye on this one


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