The 24 Biggest Upcoming Xbox Games

The next few years are looking good for Xbox fans.

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rlow1173d ago

For me I was really looking forward to Redfall. Not only is it right around the corner, but the little gameplay I’ve seen looks promising.

Yang_kai173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

😂 🚫 😱 to be fair 10 don’t have a year and 4 have a 2023 TBD date 🤷🏿 all look good

Lightning77173d ago

You mean just like the upcoming PS5 list of games?

Yang_kai172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

Can’t comment on that one I haven’t seen it yet 🤷🏿 But I will compare them once I do, if you provide a link to it will be appreciated 😁

MadLad173d ago

I want to see actual gameplay of Avowed.
Easily my most anticipated game that I don't know F-all about.

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