On PT’s 8th birthday, the person who delisted it speaks out: ‘I wish it had gone differently’

Eight years after its release, the person who claims to have been tasked with pulling Konami’s P.T. from PlayStation servers has spoken about the experience for the first time.

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jlove4life103d ago

Man I know how she feel i was in the same position when Scott pilgrim vs the world ps3 had to be removed I remember it like yesterday I was performing my normal duties then my boss called said he had a very urgent matter that needed to be handled the publisher want game removed and I was in charge of the big dump as I approach the server room armed with my tools I went in reluctantly ready to handle the dump as I retrieved my plunger from the bag and proceeded to unclog the dump from the toilet that was biggest dump of my career I had to fix the day Scott pilgrim was pulled off ps3 psn store

gleepot102d ago

I doubt that you were behind that, given that you can't even form a complete sentence.

FortWaba102d ago

And you can't even read a paragraph before posting your knee-jerk reaction.

Go read it again, in its entirety.

GoodGuy09103d ago

Yes indeed...
Whats crazy is that Kojima and his team left messages in the game that hinted at how horrible Konami was to them. So if anything, PT was pretty much just a cry for help and used for complaining rather than a demo for a full game lol.

sourOG102d ago

Meh… the coolest thing about PT was Kojima making a silent hill. The game itself wasn’t anything special. No Kojima silent hill, No f***s given about PT. Do we really need a “delister confession” 8 years later lmao? Kinda weird imo.

ChubbyBlade102d ago

Yea that game itself was nothing special. That’s why there’s hundreds of copycats now. Nothing to see here

sourOG102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

That just means there are hundreds of nothing specials.

Have you ever bought a pt clone? Which games?

gleepot102d ago

Visage for one, is an exceptional experience based off of P.T.

sourOG102d ago

I will check it out thanks

mastershredder102d ago

I love how Kojima and del Toro's names are used as some sort of flex on this week-ass project that Konami unknowing funded for them. The shit storm cause by it and Mr. Karen-jima as he "exited" Konami (not so honorably, along with the shattered remnants of MGSV) pretty much make up all this game will ever be. A crying baby stuck in an endless loop.

gleepot102d ago

The only baby here is you.

JL2930100d ago

He hasn't made a decent game in 14 years.