Female clans launch protest

Two all-female gaming clans are protesting against a new beauty contest which they say could damage the way women gamers are perceived.

The winner of the Miss World Series Videogames contest will receive $1000, a contract to appear at all WSCG events, and will be featured in a forthcoming game. The only gaming-related entry requirement is that entrants state what their favourite game is.

Both the US Frag Dolls and the PMS clan are boycotting the contest - and have decided to hold their own Mr WSVG competition in protest.

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Gh0stDrag0n6186d ago

The Frag Dolls are great! Beauty has nothing to do with kickin' a$$ on a video game. It's all skill.
(BTW.. the Frag Dolls are HOT!)

Lucidmantra6186d ago (Edited 6186d ago )

Ohhh GAWD.... SO why don't we close down Maxim, FHM, and all those magazines... also Cosmo, Seventeen and all the womens magazines. I say have a Mr Beefcake contest and shut them up, not that I don't agree but the majority of players are guys. Even though Woman gamers are growing faster. Just make it like prom and there is a King and Queen and everyone can shut up. Just like prom king/queen those people were irrelivant palm greasing jackasses who ended up fat and unhappy.

/sarcasm off

This should be about #10,745 on the list of things that are important in the world right now.

deepio6186d ago

Serious videogamers don't have time to protest...infact serious video gamers don't even have time to post commen..

Gh0stDrag0n6186d ago

I take it you didn't get laid after your prom.

Lucidmantra6186d ago

I guess serious gamers don't have jobs either where they can post during slower periods. Actually I didn't goto prom, But I was getting laid. And you all missed the point of the post completely. Next time I will linky up a picture for the slow ones who can't read.

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Cyclonus6186d ago

Lemme get this straight. These girls dress like extras in a rap video, have nicknames like "PMS Tart", then complain when they're not taken seriously?

A 'feminine feminist' is a contradiction in terms.
Pick one.

Dick Jones6186d ago

This could damage the way women gamers are perceived? Right, just like a nagging house wife to complain about anything and everything.

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