Resident Evil Producer Leaves Capcom For NetEase After 27 Years

Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the Producer behind the Resident Evil franchise, has recently left Capcom after 27 years of service to join NetEase.

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MadLad108d ago

Can't wait for this all GaaS future.

VersusDMC108d ago

Despite being the producer for classics in the past, the last game credit he has is megaman 11 and has been producing anime/CG movies since.

So nothing will really change game wise at Capcom. Hopefully he got a huge raise and will actually produce a netease game i will want to play.

MasterChief3624107d ago

Where are you getting your information? I was on IMDb and couldn't even find Mega Man 11 on his credits list. Is there a better website that is more appropriate for videogame productions? VGDb or something? :D

VersusDMC107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Wikipedia. And i trust it because i remember seeing him on the re aniversary stream talking up the netflix re movie. He also produced the dragon dogmas anime.

Willing to be proved wrong.

Edit. 2021 RE showcase his title is Resident Evil Media Business if he is also responsible for the last 2 live action movies he might have been asked to leave.

anast107d ago

Nice. Getting that mobile money.

Shinox107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

So basically everyone left Cacpom to other studios , PG , Tango studio , Chinese studios ... damn Capcom are you that bad that everyone leaving you and only your Gen Z millennial devs left ?

Yang_kai107d ago

After 27 years in the same job position you get to question your choices and when you get a better pay and higher position you will go for it even if it’s just to work with a new crew 🤷🏿

VersusDMC107d ago

It would be bad if the games produced by those studios were way better or sold more than what capcom makes