The Division 2 New Roadmap Reveals 2 Big Updates Coming in 2022, Work on Year 5 Content Has Started

Ubisoft has revealed The Division 2 new roadmap and confirmed that two new seasons are coming in 2022! Year 5 content has also started development.

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To late imo. Division 2 should have followed Destiny’s road map but instead they just left the game to rot. No new raids, no Survival mode, no excursions and a untouched PVP has left this game for dead. Move on to Division 3 for next gen only.

ironmonkey170d ago

Yeah I think a new one with a bigger exploration and every building can be interactive. Or random NPC city folk selling equipment.

angelsx170d ago

Anyone still playing this game?

P_Bomb170d ago

There’s a guy on my friendlist that mains this almost every day! We’re talking 10,000hrs+

John_McClane169d ago

I still play it occasionally.

Npugz7170d ago

The division when first showcased looked like it could have been something but ended up being a pile of garbage with its bullet sponge gameplay

Kornholic169d ago

Imagine if they actually made it a focused, story-driven single player experience with actualized characters.


Nah I like it the way it is. The Division’s main problem is lack of content. There’s tons of third person single player shooters if that’s what you want. The game just needed more content to keep it alive but the devs failed.

MadLad169d ago

I love the game, but they should have been more active with it.
Pretty sure any real future development on the series will all be going to that free to play nonsense they decided to take the series.

John_McClane169d ago

I never understood all the hate for the game, I'ts not perfect but I've had a lot of fun playing it, but you're right the team definitely needs to spend more time on it, and cleanup the ingame menus!

TheColbertinator169d ago

More support is needed. I love The Division but it has so much potential wasted

John_McClane169d ago

Definitely agree with you.

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