25 Best Single-Player PC Games of All Time

Tired of others spoiling your fun? The best single-player PC games have plenty of solo entertainment to offer.

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LordoftheCritics180d ago

You can tell when someone has not played a single Mass Effect game.

MadLad180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

The lack of Planescape Torment, Kotor 2, Baldurs Gate 2 and Kingdom Come Deliverance irks me.

Those are just my personal choices.
There's many, many games that more deserve to be on a list like this.

FreeckyCake180d ago

Doing a " games of all time " list is always bound to not please many. A list of 25 will definitely not contain every game of all time. Heck, even a 100 best list won't reach that. Good list, though.

Rebel_Scum180d ago

I'll throw down Jones in the Fast Lane even though it had multiplayer, as a single player game fighting against that rat bastard Jones it was a great game.

DeusFever180d ago

Few are old enough to remember this game much less have played it. Jones in the Fast Lame is definitely a multiplayer game. We all crowded around my PC to play it. Great lesson about why you need a refrigerator.

Rebel_Scum180d ago

The dialogue and humour in that game is so good. I used to lose my clothes on purpose just to see that dude wearing a barrel.

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