Uncharted 2 set in India? Some solid indications

Some observations from released screenshots on the link.

Doctor_Doom5683d ago (Edited 5683d ago )

I think they said South America or Afghanistan lol , I'm not sure

Anyway, I liked the first one Can't wait for the next sequel

nix5683d ago (Edited 5683d ago )

the 'ruined city' pics are from nepal... i've said it before.. and here are the links of my past comment. and i'll be doing it for the last time 'cause i hate switching on my comp just to comment because i use PS3 (doesn't log in n4g) to browse.


yes... the fact remains that he will be will be travelling to many countries. Nepal doesn't have trains in the mountain range.

the 'ruined city' look could have been inspired from the internal war between Maoist and government that lasted over 10 years. irony is now that the country has Maoist government, voted during election.

with that said, thank you and happy holidays. and welcome to Nepal.

Namaste. q:

N4360G5683d ago

I don't care were in the world Uncharted 2 is set in,I just want to play Uncharted 2 so badly asap.

Carbide75683d ago

It's set in Nepal, the country neighbouring India, of course there are going to be similarities.

TIKUP5683d ago

cool cant wait for this game!!!!!

beavis4play5683d ago

question: anyone wondering (or know) what has caused all the destruction in the city? hmmmmmmmm.......

BkaY5683d ago

someone blast a fart after having "chicken curry"...