Warzone #28 - God Of War VS. Ninja Gaiden, Which Has The Better Fighting System

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "One of our listeners asked us which game had the better fighting, Ninja Gaiden 2 or God Of War. He lit the flames in the chat and Torrence Davis and Hiphopgamer argued this for awhile. Also on this episode:

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- And much much more…"

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ultimolu3592d ago

Ninja Gaiden and God of War?

That's a toughie for me because I love both...:/


God Of War.... Enough Said..... (-_-)

sonarus3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Thers is nothing tough about it. GOW is an incredible game but NO GAME...i'll repeat NO GAME can tough Ninja Gaiden Fighting system. Like its not even close.

GOW has it beat on story, puzzles, platforming, music and overall is a much better game but as far as fighting system Ninja Gaiden is far ahead of everyone else. Anyone who says GOW3 has better fighting system is either a fanboy or is a fake gamer. The difference in depth between the two fighting systems is as clear as night and day

Dir_en_grey3592d ago

Did people not play DMC 3 before they even decide to argue about which action game has the best fighting system????

There are still tournaments going on for DMC3 SE and there is a community for it just like the fighting game communities. I don't see God of War or Ninja Gaiden still having tournaments or even having communities backing them well after the game is released.

I'm sorry but NG2 and GoW2 are like kindergarten compared to DMC3.

Bnet3433592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I say Ninja Gaiden since it's a much harder game, almost like a fighting game within itself with all the moves and better controls. Rolling with the right analog stick in GoW is a bit on the weird side. but I love both series equally.

This is what I mean:

GoW doesn't have that type of fighting mechanic. GoW pretty much has that pound your way through sh*t type thing. Fun, but nothing to get technical with.


Good comment, I agree with everything you say. I can see why DMC is deeper for the simple fact that shooting your gun keeps the combo streak alive. What you say about God of War is right as well. It's good and fun, but nothing to show your skills for.

Skerj3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Dir En Grey speaks the truth, DMC3 SE has the best combat engine of this new "action era" hands down. Kail's videos from the True Style Tournament are still legendary. Vanilla DMC3 and DMC4 are nothing to sneeze at either, and NG isn't too far behind.

God of War's combat engine really pales in comparison though, it's visceral sure but there's little to no room for improvisation. That's something I'm hoping gets rectified in GoW3 as GoW2 started showing promise but it never took it "there".


Yeah the guns do help, like buffering with E&R and those crazy ass Artemis tricks. But then you get off into the deep stuff like air resets, just rolls, soft and hard locks, buffering Devil Arm techniques, and some of the freeform combos and it's just ace.

A lot of people don't know usually and choose to button mash without ever learning how deep the game TRULY is. I still remember telling fools that Snatch Jump Cancelling in DMC4 was NOT a glitch, then they didn't listen and when the game came out you saw that you had to purchase the ability to do so.

Ninja Gaiden has a lot of that stuff too which is why even though I got pissed at NG for lack of story and mostly uninteresting characters, one thing I WILL say is that the combat engine is dope as hell.

Doppy3592d ago

Saying Ninja Gaiden has the best combat system is an opinion, but I will say that it's combat system seems to have more effort put into it than GOW and DMC. God of War's combat is more fun to me, but I agree that Ninja Gaiden edges the others out.

Gue13592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I agree with Sonarus. There's not even a single action game in existence that can compete with Ninja Gaiden on that aspect.

You can't beat Ninja Gaiden pressing the square button constantly like in GOD. There's simply no way to do it. Ninja Gaiden has so much depth in it that it's difficult to even compare it with other games because this is the first of its class. It's like comparing Skate to Tony Hawk games where Tony represents GOD and Skate NG. The AI too is so much better, and the precision of the gameplay doesn't lets you button smash without knowing what are you doing. NG2 was crap though. = \

But as you know GOD has the better story, graphics, art, etc but not the gameplay. Everyone I know that it is a GOD fanatic agree with me but on this site filled with fanboys I'm just expecting a lot of phantom disagrees anyways... The same way I loosed a bubble without a reason. =|

ultimolu3592d ago


I just love both. :D

Jamegohanssj53592d ago

I've never played a God of War, but I've played Devil May Cry's and Ninja Gaidens. I love Ninja Gaiden Sigma and it's like crazy hard, but awesome. You would need about 3 controllers if you can't control your temper. Devil May Cry's are pretty good, but I think Ninja Gaiden has the upper hand.


phosphor1123592d ago

Those games are both WAY different too compare. One has devastating "lets kill sh*t" attacks, and the other has a very agile and intricate fighting system. I love both, and both are great, nuff said.

CViper3592d ago

Because at the end of the day, Kratos is the ultimate badass. You feel that when you control him, and kill the hell out of everything in sight.

Rikitatsu3592d ago

Bayonetta will trump them all with its New Fighting system.

barom3592d ago

Even as much as I love God Of War. I gotta give it to Ninja Gaiden. It's really fast paced and it's a lot more responsive. I think Ninja Gaiden wins in that regard but not by that much. If there's one thing that Ninja Gaiden 2 showed, it's that Ninja Gaiden lives on combat, cause everything else was only incrementally better or equally good (some stuff was even worse, camera is one of them).

As far as everything else goes though. God Of War wins no contest. Story, art direction, soundtrack, bosses, puzzles, design, blow your mind moments and basically everything else you name it.

Danja3592d ago

DMC3:SE probably has the best fighting system still IMO..

NG comes in second..

GOW pales in comparison to both games..but it's a better overall game though

likedamaster3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

""You can't beat Ninja Gaiden pressing the square button constantly like in GOD. There's simply no way to do it. Ninja Gaiden has so much depth in it that it's difficult to even compare it with other games""

To be fair, they both have deep levels of fight styles, both have many combo moves, and both have unique styles.

I have played both games a lot and come to the conclusion that Ninja Gaiden 2 specifically has more combo/moves than God of War 1/2 and does it with somewhat more "style" & "pizzazz"... but that's just my opinion from some observations.

JoySticksFTW3592d ago

Heavenly Sword's countering-system (with the ability to counter attacks dependent on the stances that you use) isn't too shabby.

Sure, you can button-mash. But, identifying attacks and switching sword styles with precise timing, mid-combat, in the middle of a crowded battlefield with tens to hundreds of enemy soldiers and a boss too trying to kill you is pretty cool when done right.

Mainman3592d ago

Ninja Gaiden has the better fighting mechanic.

Man_of_the_year3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Am i the only one who thinks that HHG is such a SOny Fanboy that he gets blinded from being able to see the truth?

@HHG - if you are reading this i want you to know that you are considered the JESTER on the BitBag...dude really, they are laughing at YOU!!! Your SONY fanboyism, your ignorant comments, they are laughing at you. Just listen to the podcast - i am only telling you this for your own benefit.

Either stop being on the show or quit with the major fanboyism. Seriously - they are laughing AT you not with you.

N4360G3592d ago

Both have awesome fighting systems but for me God Of War most definitely has the better fighting system,just my opinion.

Rhoic3591d ago

And I think it shines best in NG2.. The game revolves around the combat, and just about every time I play, I see a new combo. It's so in depth.. and not to mention how rewarding it feels when you kill off a horde of enemies. You also just feel like a Rambo Ninja Badass who can lob off heads in a flash.

ultimolu3591d ago

I love how I get disagrees for liking both.
Just wow.

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Stryfeno23592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I will have to give the edge to God of War. Just because I love the quick time events.

TheHater3592d ago

Because of the fact that I can grab a guy and rip him in half. Rip his arm out and then stab him with it. Grab a Harpy wings and rip them out. Stab a cyclops in the eye and cut him in half. Rip a person fricken head off. God of War combat just felt more brutal and engaging. It because of that, God of War is a lot more fun to me.

sonarus3592d ago

GOW combat may be more fun and its definitely has more gore. I too enjoy GOW more than Ninja Gaiden but the fighting system is far ahead of any game. GOW and DMC fighting system would be a more suitable debate

candystop3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

In no way does GOW even come close to NG's fighting system. Just like in no way does NG's story come close to GOW.

Edit below: Well if you put it that way then I would agree also that GOW is much more brutal.

TheHater3592d ago

Ninja Gaiden fighting system is way deeper than GOW fighting system. But the GOW fighting system just seem to be more brutal than the Ninja Gaiden fight system and that what make it better to me.

sonarus3592d ago

Thats silly thats like saying Gears of War is the best third person shooter because its the most brutal. Brutal can be fun but if you don't have depth its not as good

Spike473592d ago

and if you look at the GOW franchise all of the games have been AAA.

And after what happened with NG2 on the xbox360, I don't think it another Ninja gaiden game will be able compete against GOW3.

Rhoic3591d ago

What happened to NG2? It's the best in the series by far.. Also, what do reviews have to do with the combat system? In my eyes, since I've played through both.. NG > GoW in combat.