The DioField Chronicle Demo Released by Square Enix

Square Enix released a playable demo of its upcoming tactics JRPG The DioField Chronicle on all platforms.

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CrimsonWing69298d ago

I have to be honest, this game got me. To give context I'm a huge Fire Emblem, FF Tactics, and Valkyria Chronicles fan. This is an RTS and not turn-based, but I found it very manageable and not overwhelming. Extremely fun game.

I think the shortcomings so far are the cutscenes not being the most captivating to watch and some character models look off, especially when animated. However, when the camera is far out, like in the battles, it's not an issue. It's really only noticeable in cutscenes and when you're in the HUB area.

Abriael298d ago

The story is literally fantasy Valkyria Chronicles haha :D

jznrpg298d ago

I know this isn’t going to be a perfectly polished game like FE because it didn’t get a high budget first time around so if the models and cutscenes aren’t always great that’s ok.
Combat and story are the biggest interests .
Graphics look pretty good overall .
I will now definitely get this sooner than later as I want to support more games like this and Valkyrie Elysium so we get more and possibly slightly higher budgets next time around .
I hate demos personally because if I want to play it I don’t like replaying the demo part again I like it to be fresh.
From what I’ve read so far it seems like a game I will enjoy although not perfect I am not going In expecting it to be .

CrimsonWing69298d ago

See, you should play this demo because your progress is transferred over. Essentially, this is the first chapter or so of the game and you get to pick up where you left off from the save file.