We are in a video games crash

Many years ago there was a video games crash in which any developers and publishers went bust almost every week. It was a slump for video gaming and the industry took years to recover. With the current economic crisis it has been speculated that we too would see a crash in the market, and it looks true.

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Genesis55633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

Might be a little easier for Sony and Nintedno to weather the storm they both make a lot of 1st party games.

As far as Lair and Haze dragging those studios down. Those games were pretty bad. If you are only putting out a couple of games a year, you better make sure they are good. With so many games coming out these days most people won't by crap.

GiantEnemyLobster5633d ago

They were putting out one game every TWO years. And for the past 9 years, 3 of those games happened to be Timesplitters. Honestly if it weren't for timesplitters Free Radical would have just been utter trash. Not like that matters now anyways.

acedoh5633d ago

People need entertainment when things aren't so good out there. With the economy video games are an affordable get away. The only thing I can see changing is the slew of games that are average to mediocre. Gamers are not going to spend as much money buying game after game.

AAACE55632d ago

This is the industry's way of filtering out the crap!

No matter who you are, you gotta admit that the majority of the developers who closed made crap games! The good thing is, there are mostly quality developers left, so any new companies will have to come with quality in order to be taken seriously!

Which means... Better games for us!

TIKUP5633d ago

EA BLACKBOX is not shut down, they have just moved location!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And its stated that in this article it is, what rubbish this article is

Bnet3435633d ago

Wow, are they really comparing this to the crash of 83'? What a joke. Nothing like that. Gears 2 sold 3 million in a week last month. Crash my ass. Basically the companies that are crashing are companies that made games not worth a damn. Lair, Haze, Need for Speed Undercover, etc. Companies like Insomniac, Epic, Blizzard, etc. who pump out good game after good game will not crash.

f7897905633d ago

Its a crowded market place to be a developer. You have to create a brilliant game if you want to survive.

Potty Scotty5633d ago

Factor 5 and Free Radical put out have baked games. It's tragic but they should have taken their reputations into consideration before putting out the car wrecks that ended up being Haze and Lair.

5633d ago