Sony’s 27-inch 4K gaming monitor is good but not $900 good

A full array of features with a few disappointing flaws.

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darthv72112d ago

I'll stick to their 24" 3d gaming monitor... only cost me $50. In time, if I can get one of these for that price then hell yeah.

DeusFever110d ago

27” is more comfortable than 24” for a desktop setup. Really the sweet spot in my opinion. I can’t beat $50 for a monitor price (garage sale?) but I did get a used 27” LG 4K HDR monitor for much, much less than $900.

JBplusVB110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

My 4K monitor is 27". For high refresh rate for shooters and anytime I want more frames I'm still running a 1080p 165hz 24" IPS. I tend to sit pretty close when using the 24" and it is perfect for me. I think I may try a 27" high refresh 1440p next and see how that goes.

badz149109d ago


the LG one doesn't have HDMI 2.1 let alone 2 of them and the M9 beats it hands down

John_McClane110d ago

I have an LG 32" 1440p monitor, it's a 165hz va panel and I love it, $229 new, I feel like 4k on a 27" panel is overkill, only pro is 120hz. Just my opinion of course.

masterfox112d ago

900 smackers?!, no thank you.

GoodGuy09112d ago

Lol, Sony's always wild with their prices outside of playstation.

Puty110d ago

What about ps3 launch or Vita memory cards? :p

jznrpg110d ago

PS3 was the cheapest Blu Ray player available when it launched . Most Blu Ray players were 800-1000$ . You got a Blu Ray player and a gaming system for much less than what Blu Ray players were going for alone .

Knightofelemia111d ago

$900 I would rather use that towards a 65 inch 4k tv

MadLad110d ago

I got it used because I have a friend who runs a rent to own electronics store, but I paid less than $900 for a 120hz 4K OLED.
Again though, it was used; but no issues after a little over 2 years and it's a high quality TV.

There's many better options for monitors if you really wanted to pay 900 bucks. You can get the same quality for cheaper.

badz149110d ago

"There's many better options for monitors if you really wanted to pay 900 bucks. You can get the same quality for cheaper."

NO you will not

MadLad110d ago (Edited 110d ago )


Yeah you will, but believe what you wish. Looking for the most expensive monitor possible to make an example of doesn't change the fact there's a bunch of much more affordable monitors out there offering the features.

badz149109d ago


talk is cheap, buddy. where are these same quality but cheaper monitors you're talking about?

watch starting at 12:00

Rimeskeem111d ago

Seems like THE GAMING MONITOR that they just wanted to attach as much as they could. This is the top of the top when it comes to monitors and there are no other monitors like this one. Obviously, some features won't matter to many people, but I don't think there is another monitor with this many features dedicated to gaming.

Bladesfist110d ago

I mean there definitely are more gaming monitors with this set of features, but none that are priced below this. If you compare just to the same feature set it's actually priced well, not to say that should make it worth it to you, if you don't need all these features why pay the premium.

Rimeskeem110d ago

This monitor was made for those who want to splurge on the best setup they can have without having a giant TV basically.

Tacoboto110d ago

Agreed - I see people saying this is expensive but I don't see any of those same people sharing an example of a cheaper 4K 144hz HDR monitor.

Comparing this to a TV too... Just ridiculous.

For myself, it's gonna be another two years before I upgrade my PC to something that would actually go north of 4K60, and maybe by then Sony will address the complaints in their first generation (USB-B, lol)

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