The DioField Chronicle Preview - is this Square's underdog JRPG? | TheSixthAxis

Is there room for The DioField Chronicle amidst all the current JRPG hype? At first glance, it may not stand out from Square’s 2022 lineup, though there are some interesting ideas at play through the demo – available to all from tomorrow, 10th August. Without analysing the game further, you may be inclined to write it off as another Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics pretender. However, there’s one key difference: a focus on real-time strategy over turn-based battles.

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Eonjay293d ago

Gonna give this one a try tomorrow.

jznrpg293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

I’ll buy this at some point for my collection at least but strategy RPGs have to be really good for me to like them .
There are some really good ones from time to time .
Fire Emblem Three Houses was great and I’m looking forward to the Tactics Ogre remake/remaster on PlayStation as that’s one of the best all time but they have to be near those games quality for me to like them .
Graphics aren’t the biggest factor for me with these games . It doesn’t have to be big budget to be good . I don’t want Battletoads type graphics I hate that cheap style but mostly anything else.
. Its the combat , characters and their moves/weapons etc and having a very good story that mean the most .
Hopefully it’s a good one as I do enjoy a great strategy jrpg from time time .
It reminds of Fire Emblem a bit of , it looks good so far .

pietro1212292d ago

Watched the first 14 mins, it’s like it might be a hidden gem

godofiron292d ago

I've played this game and it has potential to be one of my personal GOAT games.

beautiful presentation, smooth, challenging gameplay so far. if they nail the story/dialogue... easy favourite.