Tekken 8: 5 Things We'd Like To See

Bandai Namco have told us to get ready for the next battle, so with that in mind, here's everything we'd love to see from Tekken 8.

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lucian229298d ago

i'd like to see soul calibur VII

SugarSoSweet298d ago

Tekken is superior to Soul Calibur

lucian229297d ago

If you prefer tekken that's fine. For me I dislike tekken and much prefer soup cal. I prefer making my own characters and prefer the un bouncy fights.

Tekken feels stiff and plays like a juggling game, and the creative options are very lack luster.

Deathdeliverer298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

These suggestions are a mixed bag. Talking about the Tekken customization since 5 and them needing to take a page from Soul Calibur? Yeah you can dramatically change a character look. Tekken 6 however has customizations that actually changed moves, finishes, and showed characters personalities. I’ll take THAT kind of customization over silly looks any day. Kazuya taking someone down and putting a gun to their head or Lei straight up arresting someone. Why they took a step BACK instead of forward and added more of those instead of removing them completely is beyond me.
There’s other suggestions I don’t fully agree with but what I DO agree with is the lobbies. I really hope Tekken 8 has 1- insanely fast loading times and 2-Real fleshed out lobbies. Any Aksys lobby would be a good upgrade except GG Strive. That lobby system is booty.