AppLovin offers to buy video game software maker Unity in $17.5 bln deal

Gaming software company AppLovin Corp on Tuesday made an offer to buy peer Unity Software Inc in a $17.54 billion all-stock deal, looking to tap into growing demand for three-dimensional gaming.

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Eonjay118d ago

Very interesting and a clear wrench in the plans of Unity to purchase IronSource which was hated by many... So taking a step back here... we know that AppLovin is interested in making 3D mobile app (with the focus being on games obviously here). We know that Unity is a great mobile app tool as evidenced by Call of Duty and Pokemon. On the surface there is nothing alarming here as nothing is going to stop Unity from continuing to provide tools for PC/Console/VR devs. Prior to this, and thanks to the former EA CEO and current Unity CEO John Riccitiello, we know that his focus was on building monetization platforms with the purchase of IronSource being key to that. I guess what I am wondering is what AppLovin will make of Unity's monetiztion schemes and whether this purchase will change things.

anast117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Unity will be eventually hacked to pieces and sold to the platform users as a tiered sub-service.