Nvidia Q2 gaming revenue falls short of 2021’s mark by over a billion dollars

The GPU shortage is over, and so is Nvidia’s gaming growth.

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Bobertt108d ago

Let's hope China doesn't start a war with Taiwan and cut off supply for the next gen cards and CPUs.

FPS_D3TH108d ago

Lmao imagine predicating sustainable growth based on government covid handouts. Seems companies are a bit too ambitious after what most knew was a short term spending bump because everyone was forced to stay home.

JeffGUNZ107d ago

All this is was mining and crypto crash. GPU's were impossible to find the first year of release and then the last year significantly over MSRP. Now, Crypto crashed, miners don't want these GPU's, and Nvidia and AMD have way too much for demand. The price drops on these cards the last month is comical.

FPS_D3TH107d ago

Very true, more so than just COVID’s boom. They probably should’nt haven’t listened to all the crypto chads saying crypto doesn’t follow and isn’t tied to the standard stock market. Most investors are in it for the quick short gains. After nvidia repackaged essentially the same cards for more money to bank on the shortages it’s nice to get the last laugh. Guessing 40 series cards are going to be a bit cheaper than expected

lonewolf10107d ago

Ha ha, serves em right. Fuck gamers over for crypto cash under the pretense of it will stop miners buying them if price high.