GTA5 Has Shipped Nearly 170 million units; Take-Two Announces "Strong" Financial Results

Take-Two announced i ts financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023, related to the period between April and June 2022.

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masterfox109d ago

all that cash and T2 cant release a simple 60 fps patch of RDR 2 for next gen consoles?, come on Rockstar stop being lazy and greedy.

Profchaos109d ago

Yeah apparently they were working on a full blown next gen version but the reception of the gta trilogy caused it to be delayed until after gta 6 along with the cancellation of gta iv remaster and rdr1 remaster.

But I agree entirely the community would be extremely happy with a 60 fps patch on a ps4 or x1 version it would go a long way imo

just_looken109d ago

with the sales of the game itself a average of a billion a year on shark cards for 9 years we should be asking for dedicated servers proper security on rockstars app/games and a proper patch job like graphic options beyond 60fps.

Dare i say gta 5 running 4k 60fps on a ps5? or even more crazy a in house 64bit remaster version of gtaiv?.

FallenAngel1984109d ago

Rockstar is dead to me

They abandoned all their other IPs

XbladeTeddy109d ago

Well they still create great experiences and they're masters of their craft. They'll revisit old IPs when they feel the time is right.

CS7108d ago

Gamers: “Stop releasing rushed, yearly crap games!!!”

*Rockstar takes it time to craft the two most intricate and detailed open worlds of the 2010’s, averaging 97 on metacritic*

Gamers: “Rockstar is dead to me”


FallenAngel1984107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

@ Xblade

They only created one new experience since 2013. The other titles produced were remasters with one of them being poorly handled

The time has been right for the past decade to produce more games.

@ CS

Yet Rockstar still produced the buggy mess that was GTA: DE. Quit making excuses for them.

You know how many publishers produce a vast amount of quality titles per year every year? Nearly every other major publisher.

RDR2 isn’t so great that it excuses Rockstar for disregarding their other titles

Ezio2048109d ago

Rdr2 is now the 9th best selling game of all time

jBlakeeper109d ago

Rockstar is the absolute worst video game company out there today and one of the most greedy companies period.

CS7108d ago

I wish Square Enix, Ubisoft and other devs were more like Rockstar.

Imagine a Final Fantasy with an open world as detailed as GtaV & RDR2.

Quality over quantity… Take your time and make revolutionary games.

Good-Smurf109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

I hate it when a company put almost all of their eggs in one basket.
They used to have numerous IPs that were not put to use at all ever since GTA gotten too big to fail.
I need another Midnight Club hell even their Table Tennis game were excellent.

Mr_cheese109d ago

I'm still holding out for a Bully sequal. That game lives with my gaming memory

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