New Tekken Teased at EVO 2022 With Teaser Video

Revealed during the EVO 2022 event, here's a short teaser trailer for the next Tekken game.

generic-user-name301d ago

Doubt it, Kazuya didn't get the red eye and scars until T4.

Obscure_Observer300d ago

He got the scars at the age of 5. But you´re right about the red eye, though.

generic-user-name300d ago

He only had the large chest scar from when he was a child (from where the devil ripped out his soul before the retcons). The red eye and other scars came from his fall into the volcano.

Obscure_Observer300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

"He only had the large chest scar from when he was a child (from where the devil ripped out his soul before the retcons)."

He got his scars at the age of 5 when his father throw him off a cliff to be sure that Kazuya has the devil gene.

generic-user-name299d ago

No, he only got his chest scar at age 5 when he made a deal with devil to survive that fall.

His facial scars, the ones you see in this teaser didn't appear until after his resurrection in T4.

Simply look at his model or artwork in T1, T2, (briefly in T3) and TTT1. He doesn't have the facial scars. Not until 4.

Obscure_Observer299d ago

"Simply look at his model or artwork in T1, T2, (briefly in T3) and TTT1. He doesn't have the facial scars. Not until 4."

I think it was due some hardware restrictions at the time. I mean where did he get the all his scars over his body?

generic-user-name299d ago

It wasn't technical limitations, characters like Bryan Fury had facial scars in Tekken 3 on PS1 and there are no hardware limitations on artwork.

"I mean where did he get the all his scars over his body?"

He got the vast majority of his scars from Heihachi tossing him into a volcano after Tekken 2, but since he didn't return canonically until T4, 20 years later in the lore, we don't see those scars until then. The only scar he had before that was the large one on his chest from when he was 5, when Heihachi threw him from the cliff.

Obscure_Observer299d ago

He managed and survived the lava and sulfur thanks to his newfound devil form which he used all the time he was trapped inside the volcano. So it´s very odd that he got those scars on his body that has the same pattern as the one on his chest in contrast of actual burn marks.

generic-user-name299d ago

If you look at his Tekken 4 prologue, you'll see he never actually touched the lava and landed on rock (at retcon of the T2 ending which clearly shows an eruption). He also wasn't in the volcano for very long as his T4 prologue also states he was revived by G Corp "a few days later".

Obscure_Observer299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

Well, that´s some bs move from Namco. You can clearly see Heihachi trowing his body to be consumed by the lava on Tekken 2.

Throwing "people" into lava is exactly Kazuya´s finishing animation on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

What they did on Tekken 4´s prologue doesn´t even make sense. He was thrown into an active volcano because his father was aware that he would survive a fall from a cliff.

Now according to Tekken 4´s prologue he DIED from falling and landing on freak rocks which did not kill him at the age of 5?

I can´t even describe how ridiculous is such idea.

generic-user-name299d ago

During T2, Kazuya supposedly had an inner battle between his good side, the character Angel, and his bad side, Devil. Apparently this conflict left him in a weakened state, allowing Heihachi to beat him and 'kill' him.

I've followed Tekken since 2 and Kazuya is my main, so I do have a passing interest in his story, but in general, most fighting game stories, especially Japanese ones, are utter trash and Tekken really gave up after T4 in that regard.

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lucian229300d ago

Good, get this launch out of the way so we can get soul calibur 7 hopefully within 5 years

MWH300d ago

I'm past my prime in SoulCalibur and all the friends who i used to play with are gone. But this series still has its place in my heart and memories and it's always a special time when a new game is out, for better or worse all the same.

lucian229300d ago

I just love the game play and character creation. My wife is all I need for the game as we play it so much. We stopped a bit after last season pass but really would love for another one.

We tried tekken again and it's just not as good for us, but we know tekken has to come out first in order for soul to come out at all.

purple101300d ago

Love it. Not many will understand this comment. But I did.

MWH299d ago

You're lucky my fiend, i love my wife but sometimes i wish she had the gamer gene. sometimes only though, not always 😅

lucian229298d ago

Lol I am lucky. She doesn't play aaaaall the time but if it's multi-player she likes to play, or if it's devil may cry or final fantasy.

boing1300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

I will literally shit my pants if they announce T8. I hope this old outro is not a troll for a remake.

andron300d ago

Textbook Tease, get'em talking...

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