Motorstorm influenced by FlatOut?

There are plenty of similarities between the FlatOut and Motorstorm games, FlatOut producer Danny Rawles has dismissed his game's ties with the PS3 launch title (in a typically diplomatic fashion) saying Motorstorm was "perhaps" influenced by FlatOut.

"In all honesty no, we've not been influenced by Motorstorm," Rawles tolds CVG in an interview to be published soon. "Looking at some of their features, perhaps they've been influenced by FlatOut."

But while Evolution Studios' PS3 racer apparently didn't influence the development of the new FlatOut, Rawles says that he "obviously kept an eye on it", while noting that it's "not a direct competitor" since "they are PS3 exclusive and we are Xbox 360 exclusive."

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bigmack4291d ago

You know,some how i knew but just wasn't sure about it.

Violater4291d ago

chalk one up for the people who are afraid of what Motorstorm is bringing with it. I didn't see the devs of flatout doing all that terrain mapping work and particle physics not to mention the insane HDR lighting to create that superb realism.
The only similarity between the 2 games is that they are both "RACERS"
The MS Who*es must really be desperate and afraid as well they should be.

CG4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

We really are desperate for a feature less racer with absolutly no depth and not even a simple offline multiplayer option and has no sense of speed. There are a ton of DEMOS out there with more playable features than the FULL motostorm game!
So yeah we are truely desperate for motostorm lol......I THINK NOT!!!

mucho 994291d ago

they said INFLUENCED by, that doesn't mean they copied it, so what are you getting so upset about?

Violater4291d ago

the probably looked at it as a model of what not! to do

r10004291d ago

So what....

Gears... Resistance...Halo...Unreal Tourn... etc etc blah blah are all influenced from

DOOM.. Wolfenstien... who cares....

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