Stray: What Happened to All the Humans?

Stray features an orange cat lost in a cyberpunk world void of people, and the story of humankind's disappearance is a very strange one.

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DeusFever226d ago

You can finish the game in under 5 hours. Rather than read this, play that.

CaptainHenry916226d ago

If you play the game it will explain that 🤔

DefenderOfDoom2226d ago

I hope they come out with single player DLC

AmUnRa226d ago

Who cares? Its a fictional videogame...about a a fictional world....

pietro1212224d ago

What’s the point of anything? What’s the point of any media? To be absorb by its lore, it doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or not. What matters if it’s good or not. In the case of Stray, it really is.

AmUnRa222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

You guys did not understand what i was saying with my first comment
Its about the headline, what happened to the Humans? Thats why i said it, who cares? I love the game b.t.w.

mastershredder225d ago

"In a game featuring cats and robots, it is natural for players to wonder what happened to all the humans."

LOL wtf? oh yeah, naturally.

Um, Game Rant did your author bother playing this before he wrote about it?

"Smangaliso Simelane spends most of his time writing. When he isn't working on his imaginary worlds, he is writing about video games." ---- Ooooooohhhh (yeah and that's totally a self-written bio; cringe).