EA put Liverpool star Diogo Jota's 'gamer' celebration in FIFA 23

From Eurogamer: "This one's a bit Inception: EA has put Liverpool star Diogo Jota's real life 'gamer' celebration in FIFA 23 - a celebration that sees Jota mimicking himself playing FIFA.

Background: one of my favourite video game stories of 2021 was the time when Jota had to quit a FIFA 22 tournament early to play a real-life match that afternoon - and performed a gamer celebration after scoring after just 97 seconds.

Jota celebrated by sitting down and pretending to play FIFA. (Jota continued his impressive form in front of goal by adding a second goal later in the first half. Liverpool went on to win 4-0.)"

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PapaBop184d ago

So much innovation, totally worth the asking price /s