Activision's Mobile Earnings Top Console & PC Sales Combined

Activision earned more money through mobile during their last financial quarter - including console and PC sales combined.

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Jin_Sakai179d ago

Everyone has a phone so it’s pretty obvious why earning are through the roof. As for me, I hate mobile games. They’re nothing but cash grabs.

XbladeTeddy177d ago

And console and PC games dont try to grab your cash though loot boxes or tacked on DLC then no? Take for example the Total War series, you have to pay to have blood in the game and lets not start on FIFA and the joys of EA.

crazyCoconuts178d ago

Just to think of all the money that goes into developing COD vs. Candy Crush yet candy Crush still crushes it in revenue. I can see why so many companies want a piece of that action

Name Last Name178d ago

It must be a generational thing and kids don’t know what they missed. I absolutely can’t stand mobile games.

jznrpg178d ago

Good for them put that garbage on mobile

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The story is too old to be commented.