More Klonoa could end up on Wii if first game is well received

"One thing we'd like to do is - if this game is well received - think about releasing Klonoa 2 [on Wii] followed up by a sequel after that so that players could see the entire series..."

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Smacktard5396d ago

Well release it in facking North America and I'll buy it, then!

Zackstorm5396d ago

I've never played the Klonoa games, but I'd be interested in playing them if they do get released here.


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Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (PS1)

Nahima of Gaming Rebellion looks back at PS1 platformer Klonoa and why its colorful, cute setting is so memorable.

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PhoenixUp2509d ago

And it's on sale this week on PSN


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