Bandai Namco Announces Strong Financial Results as Elden Ring Continues to Perform

Bandai Namco announced its financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year, related to the period between April 1 and June 30.

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peppeaccardo117d ago

Totally enjoying this game and I am a bit addicted (in a scary fun way). I wonder how they are going to top this one with their next games. Pretty tought to beat in IMHO, they must have some aces up their sleeves. In the end Us gamers will benefit from it.

Kosic116d ago

Elden ring is one of my favourite games, it's a more accessible dark souls, there are the "get good" moments. But with the easy way to grind and explore if you get stuck that makes it a very amazing game. I'm curious how they can make a better game. But I'd like to see what they'd do next.

Sunny12345116d ago

That's what I thought about Demon souls. Then Dark souls came out and amazed me. Then bloodborne came and I thought they have hit the summit. Then they keep raising the bar with other souls game and then comes sekiro, which was a marvel in itself. I kept my expectations low with elden ring, thought open world would be a bad idea, so happy that I was proven wrong. From software hasn't disappointed me so far, and I don't think they ever will.

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MadLad117d ago

The Souls games have always been relatively popular, but it's great to see them go mainstream. I just hope they keep to the mindset of what of what got them there, in terms of design.

Still need to actually play Elden Ring, honestly; but I love to see how successful it was.

John_McClane117d ago

Really like the game, and performance mode on my series s is really smooth!

thesoftware730117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

I Finished ER on SX months ago, I am now considering buying it on PC. My son downloaded a Mod that allows him and his buddy to play the full game in full fledged online co-op!! They both were riding horses, no ghost form, no depleted health or flask and no fog wall on any dungeon/cave, and it's keeps track of both players progress. Amazing stuff, FS should make this happen natively!!

It looks amazing and I believe it's up to 4 player online co-op.

adamwparker116d ago

Being an older gamer and not having much time to play these days, I haven't really gotten myself invested into long hour games, and I couldn't ever get into Dark Souls or Bloodborne because I sucked.
I thought the same would happen with Elden Ring. I just would tell myself that I wasn't good at these types of games and didn't have the free time to get good
My Son ended up buying it for my birthday in May, but I only started it two weeks ago.
Boy do I love this game.

Elden Ring is something special. You can tell when playing it. They do so many things the right way.

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