Sony slashes chip spend on next gen Cell.

MASSIVE JAPANESE combine Sony has cut its capex on chip spending over the next three years, according to a report on

The report said it has decided to can big investments developing future versions of its co-developed Cell microprocessor, and even outsource production of the 45 nanometre chip.

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Captain Tuttle4898d ago

Sounds like they're moving away from the video game business.

techie4898d ago

No sounds like they've spent enough money on Cell research. Also IBM have really taken to cell and have their own scheme of taking it further within the next x years.

Raist4898d ago

"When we first offered the PS2, there were no semiconductor companies that were able to make chips for the machine, so we did it ourselves. But now, there are companies that specialize in chip production," Nakagawa said.

I think it's a smart move. Leaving other companies manufacture it isn't a bad idea after all. So that doesn't mean they stop to support the cell, just they won't produce it anymore. After, if others are good at it, why would they spend money on production ? They still have rights on this chip anyways.

DJ4898d ago

They don't intend to push out the next Playstation for another 6~7 years, and FishKill (IBM) is doing a great job. Better to let IBM do what they do best and focus on other electronics for a while. They already invested a lot of time and money into co-developing the groundwork for Cell technology. All that's left now is refining what the three companies started.