PlayStation 3 Video - Sony E3 Comparison Reel

IGN takes a comparison look at what Sony promised at E3 05...and if they delivered.

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Gerry Mark II5152d ago (Edited 5152d ago )

Hopefully this game plays as good as it looks. I didnt play the Beta.

PS: Breakfast welcome to my ignore list. Also minues one bubble.

mazirjones5152d ago

I've never been more irritated watching a video in my entire life.

DiabloRising5152d ago this where I bring up the oft overlooked Halo 3 target video that was made with "ingame assets"... yet at a resolution, framerate, and AA level that the final game doesn't even touch?


Moving on then...

In truth, I wish all 3 would keep their mouth shut and let the products speak for themselves. It's up to the talent of the dev above all else.

PoSTedUP5152d ago

yes and these devs have ALOT of talent. motorstorm1 blew my mind the game was just so crazy, resistance1 didnt blow my mind graphically because i played it for the first time like 3 months ago, the game was incredible for a launch title.

the power of the ps3 delivered the first year with incredible graphics even though the devs were working with something really tricky known as the cell processor, THATS how talented sonys first party devs are.

PoSTedUP5152d ago (Edited 5152d ago )

the only game that really underdelivered was motorstorm, by far lol, it is still one of my favorite games though and i didnt see the E3 05' footage so jumping from the ps2 right to motorstorm was FRICKING AMAZING. i mean its really hard to be exact but just look at GT5p.... heavenly sword... uncharted... play these games on a 40" SONY BRAVIA and what you'll have my friend is gaming heaven....

cool video though : ) just play games MOFO's!!!!!!

well off to play some resistance2 on my new 40" SONY BRAVIA.... pce

InyaAzz5152d ago

exactly what kind of TV do you have?

phosphor1125152d ago

if Motorstorm looked like that. Next goal? Make Motorstorm 3 look like that (add some NEW gameplay features too). Right now though, I'm enjoying my Motorstorm 2.

jkhan5152d ago

I still am having a hard time figuring out why people are so sensitive towards Sony and Microsoft. So what if one company lies? Don't tell me any of the members of n4g never lied:|
Whats important is Sony has produced great unique games. We should not forget if it wasn't for Sony we still would have been playing Mario XIIIIIIII.
Apart from that we shouldn't also forget if it wasn't for Microsoft, online console gaming wouldn't been a reality. Console shooters wouldn't have been a possibility.
Yeah Halo 3 initial video was a lie so was Killzone 2 "target render" but whats important is we have the best looking game on consoles and that is Killzone 2 & Halo 3 multiplayer is still second only to COD4 multiplayer on xbox live. Neither Sony or Microsoft are going to pay our bills or anyone's college fees.