Crackdown earns 90% from Eurogamer

Mr Publisher pays the bills, and Mr Publisher wants a GTA game. What do we make? Well, let's have bigger guns than GTA, obviously. Let's have faster cars. Let's have more swearwords. And, I dunno, protection rackets? A better lock-on camera? It's not like you can do much else in a city!

If GTA games were an entrance exam for developers, that would be the wrong answer. The right answer would be something like Crackdown, and would involve taking people who submit that kind of answer, kicking them 50 feet into the air and juggling them with heat-seeking rockets for bonus points...

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Marriot VP4895d ago

I may just have to get this, not for the beta either. I don't believe in spoiling my appetite

FirstknighT4895d ago

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, the smell of a brand new AAA title for the 360. Got to love it!

JOLLY14894d ago

Firstknight said nothing possible of being disagreed with yet he has two disagrees. people are weird

Caxtus7504895d ago

why do many free roaming games not include boats and flying vehicles?

IMO its needed after GTA. Played Saints row and was dying to ride in something other than a car. Even a bike would be nice.

Just cause being an acception.

Having said that Crackdown is a lot of fun and i will definitely be purchasing it. Just some planes wouldn't go a miss.

calderra4895d ago

...because: a) You can jump and climb pretty much ANYTHING in the game, and b) You even have a car (SUV) that can both drive up walls and jump to new areas, and c) You can use Agency weapons caches as spawn points to get anywhere instantly.

Havince4895d ago

and will get 2 play it in all its splender, and actually be able 2 play the co-op with a friend unlike the demo

JasonPC360PS3Wii4894d ago

I don’t think they were really trying for a GTA clone. Seems they are trying some a little different, a little more comic book style with super powers more like The Hulk or Spider Man 2. Yes they give you cars but with the super powers to go anywhere like I said IMO I think they were trying something different. I got me a copy, if I were to be chosen for Halo 3 beta that’s cool. I been beta testing sense like 98 its both fun and a chore.