Intel Unveils 80 Core Programmable Processor

Intel on February 12 announced that its researchers have developed the world's first programmable processor to deliver Teraflop (one trillion calculations per second) performance from a single, 80-core chip.

The chip is a product of Intel's Tera-scale computing research, with technical details of the Teraflops research chip set to be presented at the annual Integrated Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) this week in San Francisco.

Tera-scale performance will power new applications for education and collaboration, as well as enabling the rise of high-definition entertainment on PCs, servers and handheld devices, Intel claimed. The company added that artificial intelligence, instant video communications, photo-realistic games, multimedia data mining and real-time speech recognition could become everyday realities.

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PS360PCROCKS4902d ago

OoO cool let's see a gaming machine with 1-3 of these bad boys in their. This round of games would like childs play with what you could create on a chip like that

shadowxcore4901d ago

looks like the chip from terminator 2