Nintendo Switch Has Shipped 111.08 Million Units as Semiconductor Shortage Causes Drop Year-on-Year

Nintendo announced i ts financial results and published an update on the number of Switch units shipped worldwide since the console’s launch.

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rlow1115d ago

Coming up on the PS4. It’s crazy to think it’s come this far in such a short time. It really shows the appeal of a hybrid system.
I’m really interested to see where the Big N goes from here. Do they continue on with a Switch 2 or do they do something completely different? Ever since the Wii they haven’t gone the same route in starting a new generation.

WiiU-Dude115d ago

I really think they should continue with a Switch 2. If I made decisions for Nintendo, I would keep in the Switch well until it dries up. Honestly why not? If you come out with a much more powerful Switch you still offer the portable/console best of both worlds again scratching two itches. I certainly am not tired of what the Switch offers. I'm not even chomping at the bit for a new Switch...though I know that the more hardcore gamer certainly seems to be wanting an upgrade. Whenever and whatever Nintendo brings I'll be there.

rlow1115d ago

I agree with you on a Switch 2 but they haven’t really followed that path in the past. Im hoping they do come out with a Switch 2, or possibly an improved Wii U were the portable part isn’t tethered to a more powerful base console.

Army_of_Darkness115d ago

Blaming the semiconductors shortage for their year on year decline in sales?? Really? Throughout this whole pandemic I've seen Nintendo switches readily available at any given time, unlike the ps5 and series X.

septemberindecember115d ago

Slight drop YoY, but that's to be expected given that it's in it's 6th year. Still, great hardware sales. Will become the third best selling console of all time by the end of the year

Agent75115d ago

Best selling handheld console, as the Switch is a handheld?

septemberindecember115d ago

A console can be either home or handheld. Video game console is generic and not specific. Regardless of what you think the Switch is, it's still a video game console.

ZeekQuattro115d ago

Forgotten Land became the best selling Kirby game in only a few months. Nicely done.

Agent75115d ago

Or the fact that the Switch is hitting its limit. I work for a major retailer in the UK and we sell nowhere near as many. Stock is bulked to the ceiling. Even game sales have dried up.

septemberindecember115d ago

Yeah, you wish. It's literally up YoY in Europe

Cuzizkool115d ago

If no revisions come, then it’s going to be 3rd best selling console for sure. If a “Pro” version drops, all bets are off. But it’s getting a little late for a Pro.