Electronic Arts says "games are the social networks of the future"

Xfire writes: "As social media networks and other platforms look to incorporate video games, the gaming industry itself is becoming more and more like a social network."

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Welshy127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

"the gaming industry itself is becoming more and more like a social network".

No it's not, you WANT it to be that so you can shove even more manipulation, ads and microtransactions all over the place and monetize it to hell and back.

I neither need or want my games to be anything close to social media, in fact I primarily communicate with my mates via gaming as an alternative to dealing with any of that. EA constantly spew out what they want the industry to be as though that's the way it is now, it's "single player games are dead" all over again.

Godmars290127d ago

"And we will find ways to charge you up the nose and out your arse to use it too."

anast127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

EA 5 minutes ago: “As we think about single-player games, we think it's a really, really important part of the overall portfolio" that we deliver in fulfillment of those core motivations.”

EA 4.5 minutes ago: "games are the social networks of the future"

This is a dirtbag company. They will say anything to crawl into your wallet.

MadLad125d ago

EA is a company I'd love to see shuttered, just so their IPs could go to game companies that actually respect them.

EA is as corporate as corporate gets, and they're a blight on the industry as a whole.

Kind of sad being they're "Electronic Arts" - a company that legitimately used to care about gaming, and the individuals who are making them.