Electronic Arts Believes Single-Player Games Are a "Really, Really Important Part" of its Portfolio

EA chief executive officer Andrew Wilson and chief financial officer Chris Suh talked about single-player games.

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-Foxtrot126d ago

Really because everything they’ve said and done in recent years alone say the opposites

Never forget

“She’s a 10 but only likes single player games”

shinoff2183126d ago

I remember that BS statement. They must be finally realizing their multiplayer games aint doing as well as theyd like.

Gardenia126d ago

Well yes, if they make games like Battlefield 2042 it shows that they lost it.

JackBNimble126d ago

EA is pandering again because they've said the exact opposite and recieved received nothing but backlash.

Dudeson126d ago

That statement could have been somewhat redeemed if they meant it as the guy wanting to play games as a couple like with it takes two.

XiNatsuDragnel126d ago

Yeah I hope you don't change this next time in my opinion

Majin-vegeta126d ago

Brinf back Army of two&Dantes inferno

Profchaos126d ago

Bring back games that aren't loot box heavy gaas titles to begin with.

Tacoboto126d ago

Army of Two is primarily co-op. Not exactly what I'd call for when calling for more single player games...

MontyeKristo126d ago

Although Army of Two was a fantastic game(s).

Profchaos126d ago

They say that as they take a beloved franchise which always featured a story and optional multi player modes and shoehorn it into a glass f2p title.

Scrap skate and give the community skate 4 they have been super clear for nearly a decade they want skate 4 not this monstrosity they are building.

awiseman126d ago

Keep up the pressure...I mean abuse. Make them squirm.

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The story is too old to be commented.