Crackdown Update Coming

When you first put Crackdown into your Xbox 360 early next week, you'll find that the game will immediately prompt you to download an update. Since the game went gold, Microsoft found a few small areas for improvement in the matchmaking and cooperative net code. Read the full story to see Microsoft's official word on this matter.

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Boink4895d ago

nice that they caught it and fixed it before it was released, and then people started complaining.

DJ4895d ago

how those without internet connections are going to get this update. (since system link is affected too). Does Microsoft let you transfer updates for any game from a PC to a 360?

FKN Unbelievable4895d ago

Detact that harddrive and take it to a friend house.

Ravenator5294895d ago

Seriously, it would be really really sad if you didn't have some sort of high speed internet connection in your house by now.

High speed internet is like cable. Most PC's nowadays only have CAT 5 inputs for internet connections.

If you own a 360/PS3/or Wii for that matter and you don't have any sort of high speed internet in your house, tough sh1t I say!

Every one of the systems needs a high speed or wireless internet connection to be able to download anything from the internet. That means patches and updates for all three will need high speed. When the PS3 library starts to grow, you will see what I mean. There will be games that need patches, I promise you that! And in turn you will need high speed internet to download.

Booneral4895d ago

Not for games. You can get dashboard updates burned on a CD then update the console, but not games as far as I know.

miasma4895d ago

If normal gameplay is affected? I mean, i don't play online, will i need this patch to enjoy the game?

If i am reading correctly, this is just for system links and cooperative. Any knowledgable person's take on it would be appreciated...thanks in advance.

Havince4895d ago

you most prob wont need the update anyway. but who doesnt play online ?????? thats the main question......THATS JUST CRAZY

miasma4895d ago

i used to on my computer years ago. Now with all the games i play (and it's nice to see there are so many), i really don't have the time. I spend hours as it is playing when i get free time. And running two businesses cuts into that time as well...

Ravenator5294895d ago

You'll still be fine. First off, the patch is for co-op.

Second, you obviously have an internet connection. You can still hook the 360 up to internet and download the patch (even with a silver account). That's saying that you even plan on playing co-op through the system link option. Which from what it sounds like, you probably won't do that either. So you shouldn't have to worry about anything.

That's it. Problem solved.

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