Race Pro vs. Forza 2 Comparison Shots

nagge has spent some time compiling some comparison shots from Race Pro and Forza 2. The shots from Forza 2 are screen captures while the Race Pro shots were taken from the recent high definition video of Laguna Seca. Obviously this isn't a contest about who has the best graphics, but it's more about accuracy and details of the environment.

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Speed-Racer3958d ago

Seems Race Pro is much more detailed...visually...but as said...cant compare the graphics.

Nicaragua173958d ago

LOL they both look like total sh1t,Race Poo and Forzhit both fail.Gran Turismo 5 for the win!!

TheColbertinator3958d ago

Wow.I think Forza 2 just pwned Race Pro even before the race started.

jack who3958d ago

i think your rite...i was gona say wtf 2008 game vs a 2007 game but then i saw this

PoSTedUP3958d ago

i think playing GT5p on my new sony BRAVIA makes me not wanna think about any of these games....

"i am whatever you say i am" - Marshall Mathers.

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The story is too old to be commented.