Mercenaries 2 Multiplayer Details Uncovered

A Mercenaries 2 info spill has revealed that Pandemic's war zone sequel will feature online co-op multiplayer, a Just Cause -esque grappling hook for flooring enemies, scaling buildings and hijacking vehicles, and the ability to field your own army of fellow mercenaries recruited from the Venezuelan-set battleground. Point your eyes at this batch of new screens by hitting the Images tab above.

Multiplayer will work in a similar way to that of Gears of War - with one player inviting another into an existing game, where both can wreak double the destruction by teaming up to take on the campaign missions. Meanwhile, recruiting your merc buddies during operations opens up new missions, and enables you to take a minion along for the ride to offer some backup.

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bigmack4268d ago

This should be interesting...

Violater4268d ago

But i never liked that character and i hope not using him as the lead is optional.