14 Gaming Myths Exposed

We've all heard them, and many of us believe them. But Gamepro is here to set the record straight: consider these gaming myths officially busted!

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DJ4891d ago

A former employee of EA games told us that "when developing a game for both the PS2 and Xbox, we had to reduce texture size to get it to work on the Xbox because [Microsoft's API] DirectX is less efficient with memory than [the standard API] OpenGL."

Quite interesting considering PS3 uses OpenGL while 360 uses DirectX (just like their predecessors). Huh.

FeralPhoenix4890d ago (Edited 4890d ago )

I don't know if that was true or not for all developers but even if that is true DJ, whats your point? Is it that Open GL will some how translate its texture efficiency into better graphics?...because xbox still had the edge in the graphics department despite what Gamepro says a "EA employee told us?" -WTF?, was it a dev, a artist, a janitor? Who? Whats his name? -Forgive me if it just sounds a lil shady coming from Gamepro. Either way most sources say Xbox had the graphics edge heres a quick review from Gamefaqs for both systems hardware:

and here's a (cough)Gamepro review of Madden a multiplatform game from the very company in question(EA):

as you can see the graphics were better on XBOX with its DirectX...and the results for Madden happen the same way in 2005 and over, and over again and of course its not just this game. You get the point.

techie4890d ago

Yes the graphics were better - but I think they were saying that that was not likely to be a memory thing - but the other hardware. The Ps2 could get a bit more juice out of it (not compared to the xbox) when using Open Gl than if it was using Microsoft resources - obv Microsoft didn't care cause they had more memory to play with.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4890d ago (Edited 4890d ago )

It’s GamePro you know, GamePro the mag that gets paid to hype your product (much like an infomercial, FOX or MTV).
DJ if you’re going to resort to quoting GP then you must be desperate for positive Sony news.

As for the News I’m sorry GP I know this is wrong

“MYTH: The more memory, the better the gaming system.
While this generally is a decent rule of thumb, it is also important to consider the software that utilizes the memory. A former employee of EA games told us that "when developing a game for both the PS2 and Xbox, we had to reduce texture size to get it to work on the Xbox because [Microsoft's API] DirectX is less efficient with memory than [the standard API] OpenGL." As the PS2 showed us with its' inferior memory 32 MB size, it's not just size that matters.”

“While this generally is a decent rule of thumb” Stuff like this and that they are sell outs is what keeps me from buying there mag.

Uh yeah wonder why it’s a rule of thumb? Considering all video games are ported over from a PC to begin with, the more memory the better. Yeah you don’t need lots of memory to game (Mario) Ill give them that but for HD gaming (Next Gen or PC) need the memory. No one makes games with better graphics than a PC and there is a reason there are system requirements for PCs with low memory, In other words you can’t play Half Life 2, Quake Wars or Crysis with 256mb of ram. What can happen to a system when the memory is full while loading a big program like a game? It freezes and you have to reboot. Try using one of these 3D programs on today’s Video games using 256mb of ram (on today’s games.) GP is a magazine and there trying to tell us the complete opposite of what game developers tell us here is something from Epic about pushing more memory in the 360.

It sounds like to me with all the negative press regarding the PS3 and its weaknesses this is a way for Sony to buy some good news and 360 lovers (I’m one) MS and Nintendo do the same sh** but with the difference that MS and Nintendo aren’t hurting right now.

DJ4890d ago

We've known for a while that OpenGL is more efficient than DirectX since OpenGL is 'closer to the metal', so to speak, and DirectX is catered towards ease of use. But never did I imagine that the DirectX API was so bloated that even on hardware with twice the memory, they actually had less room to work with. I'll keep this tentative and look for more evidence.

Even if this information is offensive to Jason and Feral, that doesn't make it false. In fact it goes hand-in-hand with what Microsoft does, which is emphasize ease of use over optimal performance (Sony is the exact opposite).

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nanometric4890d ago

Thats cleared things up a bit!

kornbeaner4890d ago

it's true that the current 360 cannot support "TRUE" 1080p .
Splitting hairs as it is but it is true.
To bad the PS3 cant show true 1080p on more then 3 games as it is right now.

ronscrote4890d ago

You misunderstood the article. It clearly states that 360 games can render at 1080p. Hell, they even cited Virtual Tennis 3 as an example!
The upscaling of native 720p games is completely unrelated to the 1080p issue. That's just an extra feature that MS chose to give their customers and Sony did not.

THAMMER14890d ago

Can you explain what true 1080p is? I mean since you are splitting hairs and every thing. Because you just slated your self in the brainwashed department. Just because you’re a Sony fan dose not mean you HAVE TO LIE BRO. JUST Give it up the PS3 is and will be in strong 3rd place. No matter how YOU see it little kids own more consoles than adults and no kid who has parents make under 50,000 a year independently or combined is going to own a PS3. It cost too much and *is really inferior to the 360

The GPU is 2 years old, the RAM is 250MB, and the CELL is not optimal for game code at all. Just take it for what it is because your lies are just lame and judging from your picture you are to all for this type of 6th grade lunch table crap.

The PS3 is fun but youshould just be truthful about it because evry lie can be exposed. You will turn more people away. Most people who have tuned thier back on PLAYSTATION have done that because of the lies. They just are not goingto fly any more.

techie4890d ago (Edited 4890d ago )

Thammer back up now - you're being rude and irrational.

I think it's right to ask 'what is true 1080p' and why doesn't the xbox360 have it? Because it doesn't have an hdmi output?? - we've talked enough about that. - and know that's not the case!

Dusk4890d ago

Kornbeaner - Re-read the article. The 360 can output 1080p native as said by MS many, many times and said by this article you supposedly read. How can you read the article and then say the exact opposite? Also, unlike the PS3, the 360 can also upscale. This is separate from outputting 1080p native, which it can also do.

Deepbrown - Did you read the article? The 360 does have 'true 1080p', which means simply can it output 1080p natively. Again, the answer is YES. Just like the PS3. Sony was lying when it said the 360 couldn't. Another myth propagated by Sony is that you NEED HDMI output for true 1080p. This is also false. HDMI is simply the only cable that handles the copy protection for HD-DVD & Bluray. Not only has this copy protection not been implement yet, but even if it eventually is, it won't be until 2010 - 2012. There have also been talks that they may forego it altogether. Video games don't have this copy protection and 1080p can be outputted on component, VGA, and HDMI. The HD-DVD add-on for the 360, however, will only display 1080p through VGA currently, and then most likely with an HDMI adapted cable in the near future (although MS has yet to announce anything). Obviously, the PS3 uses HDMI, but it doesn't make the PS3's 1080p any different than the 360's.

techie4890d ago (Edited 4890d ago )

Yes I know it can! That's why I was questioning Kornbeaner - and said that if he thinks it's because the ps3 has an HDMI port, we've been there done that - implying that we've discusses that this is not the case so much already that we didn't need to bring it up again - yet you incite that I didn't read the article and was stating that you needed HDMI for True 1080p - uh no, I implied what you so ungracefully said explicitly

To dantesparda below - interesting comments...but the xbox360 doesn't seem to be struggling to provide amazing graphics - look at gears. So it must be doing some things right.

(also - side comment, the speed of the ps3 xdr memory is 3.2ghz - that's amazingly that a massive advantage over 700mhz Ram, or is it kinda irrelevant?)

DJ4890d ago

considering VGA isn't the best quality analog feed -> Component looks better. O well, no HDMI port so I guess they didn't have much of a choice.

Thammer: "The GPU is 2 years old, the RAM is 250MB, and the CELL is not optimal for game code at all. Just take it for what it is because your lies are just lame and judging from your picture you are to all for this type of 6th grade lunch table crap."

Thammer, I recommend that you stop posting such low-quality and completely falsified posts. Really, you're just making yourself look bad, especially since the RSX (as devs revealed a while back) is actually G80-based. There was some confusion until they recieved driver updates, but yeah.

dantesparda4890d ago

I'll tell you what true 1080P is, its a game that is rendered at 1920x1080 non-interlaced. Not a 1280x720 non-interlaced rendered game that is then upconverted/upscaled by a scaler chip, which is not as good. And this stupidity that the Xenos/C1 is anywhere as powerful as a R600 or that a Xenos is more powerful than a real 7800GTX is just stupidity/ignorance talking. And a unified memory architecture is not a good design its a crappy design. The only reason it works better for the 360 better than it does for say the PC, is because at at least on the 360 they are using fast graphics RAM (700mhz) instead of the usually slower System RAM (about 400mhz). But now you have a bandwith sharing problem. And also the graphics chip is also working as a northbridge, further adding to bandwith sharing problem and its only got a 128bit bus for the graphics chip to the CPU. Poor in my opinion. This would be unacceptable for a high performance PC. Dont even let me get into how its cache is only running at half the cores speed (1.6Ghz), so you get asynchronous issues. And a 1MB L2 cache shared amongst 3 cores. I can see why the system busted no Anisotropic filtering or even trilinear filtering for that matter. Unacceptable for a next-gen system. Sh!t even the Xbox trilineared all the time.

And OpenGL was always better than DirectX up until like say DirectX 8 and up, and even now its a give and take. And DirectX can only be run on MS machines whereas OpenGL can be run on just about anything

kornbeaner4889d ago

just like post 3.8 said. True 1080p is 1080p that is not upscaled or reformatted in any way to achieve said results. So far no 360 game(to my knowledge, that is availible NOW) has delivered 1080p without having to be upscaled to 1080p from a lesser resolution. The PS3 has, but only some games have done it. NBA 07 (the one with kobe on the cover), Gran turismo HD concept and one other that i can't remember. These games are true 100% 1080p, I never once said anything about the 360 being inferior in any way so take you fanboyism and shove-it. Just making a comment on what i read, if i miss-read that part or misunderstood that part of the article then my bad I am only human.

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spacetoilet4890d ago (Edited 4890d ago )

That cut through allot of bull$hit I thought. I kind of want a new video card after reading that, to replace my 6800gt. :)

dantesparda4890d ago

if its AGP let me get that card when you get rid of it ;-)

Hayabusa 1174890d ago

Surely most of this stuff has been said before...

techie4890d ago

Everythings been siad before, but not everybody has been informed.