Pro Players Abandon Brawlhalla As Community Descends Further Into Chaos

From TheGamer: "Pro players have been giving up on Brawlhalla in droves, mostly making their way on over to the more recently released MultiVersus. The cause of this migration seems to be pent up frustration over several different aspects of the game including mechanical and design concerns, but technical problems are also part of the equation.

“Brawlhalla is slowly killing their own game,” the pro player known as Cosolix pointed out on Twitter. “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Cosolix went on to describe how the “invite system is broken after updating my game. Same issue is happening to Rexehh,” another pro player."

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XiNatsuDragnel301d ago

Multiversus about to take over in my opinion

BrainSyphoned300d ago

Playing one game for 4 years and having to throw a tantrum when you leave the game. Entitled pricks.